Winter Maintenance Tips

  • Heating systems:
    • Have them inspected and tuned up to prevent puff backs and to ensure their safe operation all winter.
  • Fireplaces, Wood Stoves and Candles:
    • Have the chimneys inspected and cleaned professionally, preferably once every few years(or more if you use them regularly).
    • Be very careful loading and operating fireplaces and wood stoves.
    • Dispose of ashes outside in a metal container away from the house.
    • Never leave candles unattended.
  • Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors:
    • Install smoke detectors on every floor and outside every bedroom, change the batteries and test the alarms.
    • Install carbon monoxide detectors on every floor and put in fresh batteries.
    • Smoke and CO detectors save lives every winter.
  • Roof:
    • Have roofs inspected for potential leaks once every few years.
    • Install ice and water shield membranes under the shingles to help avoid damage from ice dams and nor’easters.
    • Install extra insulation and ventilation in the attic to reduce the formation of ice dams.
  • Gutters and downspouts:
    • Have them cleaned and repaired before the winter.
    • Direct water from downspouts away from pathways or the driveway.
  • Keep pathways free of ice and snow (it's now the law in Massachusetts).
  • Identity Theft:
    • Identity thieves are very active during the holidays.
    • Safeguard your credit cards and other forms of identification during the shopping season.
    • For Massachusetts and Connecticut customers, visit our affiliate, Bunker Hill’s Identity Protection Program, for detailed tips on avoiding ID Theft.

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